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Start Small, Go Big, Give Back

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"Rooted deep in the nature of every one of us is the spirit of adventure, the call of the wild vibrating under all our actions, making life deeper and higher and nobler."

-Fridtjof Nansen

At the young age of four, my parents introduced me to the sport of rock climbing. I fell in love with the delicate movement, intricate sequences, and physical demands. When I was eight years old, I entered my first competition and haven’t stopped since. I am 20 years old, studying at the University of Utah, and competing in the collegiate and elite series. In addition to competing in a variety of countries and competitions, I also push myself on outdoor boulders and routes.

Our Vision

Made For Lips is excited to work with those who 

love and respect the outdoors.

We are inspired by Ashley's commitment to clean climbing and advocating for Leave No Trace. 

On any given day, you'll find Ashley high above the ground living her best life. 

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